Thursday, November 10, 2011

Network Visibility Matters

“Knowledge is power” as the phrase goes and effectively, no matter what you want to achieve in your network management, a truly in-depth knowledge about your network processes is THE key asset when it comes to offering an excellent Customer Service and troubleshooting or to managing the overall network health with ease. Network knowledge and visibility allows you to find problems in minutes rather than hours, reducing operations costs and impressing your customer with rapid resolution of problems.

Today’s fast evolving telecommunication market with its multiple video & audio streams, a fast growing user base and geographically dispersed deployments is challenging and keeping an eye on the entire network doesn’t seem to be an easy task. Often, telecommunication operators are recurring to different systems or are not able to track back single network incidents which don’t provide a satisfying network visibility in the end.

First, choosing a solution that is able to process all signaling messages traversing the network in real-time and that instantly correlates multiple sites and network protocols is vital. Also, you will want to know the detailed status of the entire network health, the different application layers of the network, the end user devices and all the segments that a media stream is traversing through. A fully correlated end-to-end overview of all parts in the network can easily be provided when distributed agents are installed locally enabling a quick root-cause detection of network issues.

Talking about visibility, it is not only helpful to have an overall view of what is happening in the network, drilling-down into single calls, users, end devices and network devices is very valuable information as well. The perspective should be changed easily from a high-level overview for e.g. the operations department down to a granular and in-depth view of an individual user and its history which is helpful information for the customer service or support department. A filtering option will furthermore provide a high value to track users or to search for specific devices, numbers or customer groups, we which are known as realms.

A powerful network management tool should be able to provide past information about historical data, process data in real-time and should also allow a current and future proactive network management. Finally, a future-proof solution is a system which is easily integrated into an existing infrastructure reducing hereby the complexity, and instead of installing more hardware, it should be a lightweight solution that smoothly grows with the network.

A real-time intelligence software suite increases the ROI of LTE, IMS and VoIP deployments. It provides fixed and mobile operators a full end-to-end visibility and supports a multi-site and protocol call correlation.

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